Evanmike Multipurpose Company Limited is guided by its mission statement- VALUE FOR MONEY, which defines its Goals and Principles. It guides us iin all decision making process. We recognize that, the relationship that exists between our customers and employees are integral part of success. We recognize that long-term commitments, the achievements of superior results and a reasonable return for our services are essential condition for our growth and development. Our goal is to continue to be one of the best Building and Civil Engineering Construction Companies and create wealth for our customers.

Aims and Objectives:
The aims and Objectives of the Firm is to promote itself through the provision of value-for-money, commission and to provide quality service to its clients at the highest level. Ever since, the inception of the Firm, we have sought to maintain the highest standards in the execution of the works. We constantly seek, meet and maintain the specification of our client and consultant, thereby establishing us, as one of the best leading Construction Firm in the country.