Health and Safety:

  • Evanmike Multipurpose company Limited recognizes that people are a great asset and we are therefore committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees.
  • Site personnel are given site awareness training relevant to their occupation and duties with protective gears provided to site personnel.
  • The Project Manager has the responsibility for ensuring that every worker complies with health and safety rules and to investigate any complaints from workers relating to health.
  • It is the company’s intention to meet its statutory obligation and to do all within its power to prevent injury and maintain a safe working environment for all employees and all persons we come into contact with.
  • We demonstrate safety commitment and a culture of safety awareness throughout all levels of operations.
  • We put safety first in everything we do and execute all works observing the highest standard of safety at all times.


  • We are committed, throughout our operations to respect the environment and to pursue the use of best practices, materials and products which avoid, reduce or control operation
  • The company undertakes works strictly in accordance with environmental legislation.
  • Our policy sets out commitment and overall approach to environmental management.

Quality Assurance:

  • Quality assurance and control procedures play a major role in all works executed.
  • Strict adherence to policies and procedures are fundamental to all work carried out.
  • We ensure that we provide quality service and adhere to our quality management system.


  • Our company maintains Contractors’ All Risk, Workman’s compensation policies and other insurance policies by our clients for our projects.